Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Catholic Media Promotion Day!

Don't beware the ides of March! It's a brand new day with a brand new name: Catholic Media Promotion Day! Here's how to observe it:
  1. On March 15, 2011, everyone with a blog, podcast, or Facebook page should list their favorite 3 blogs, 3 podcasts, 3 other media, 3 random Catholic things online, and their own projects.
  2. Then, post the link to your list on March 15th on the special Facebook page created for the occasion.
  3. Additionally, to help get the word out, press are asked to write articles and press releases for this day.
  4. Lastly, on March 15th, go to iTunes and leave at least 3 positive written reviews for various Catholic podcasts and 3 positive written reviews for Catholic mobile applications*.

So, in observance of this First Ever Catholic Media Promotion Day, in fulfillment of part 1, as a Catholic blogger I would like to highlight:

3 favorite blogs
This is hard; I have a whole subsection of bookmarks on my browser titled "Great Catholic Writing."

  1. Jennifer Fulwiler's Conversion Diary The best of the Catholic mommy bloggers.
  2. The Dutchman's FestungArnulfinger (An interesting Chicago convert to Catholicism, via socialism--which he still strongly identifies with--"Dutch" posts infrequently, but with insight and ironic accuracy.)
  3. Courageman: A D.C. Catholic man who writes honestly about issues affecting his life as a person who is committed to his baptismal pursuit of holiness, while struggling with same-sex attraction. Not a frequent blogger, and certainly not PG material, but profoundly insightful.

3 top podcasts
Confession here. I hardly ever listen to podcasts on a regular basis. But here are a few I can recommend, even though I am only a random listener:

  1. Word on Fire Father Robert Barron's video commentaries. Do we have a more articulate, engaging and informed spokesperson today for the Catholic Church in America?
  2. Among Women with Pat Gohn
  3. Here's a new one, focusing on Catholic liturgy and coming from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in collaboration with the University of Dayton. Or maybe the other way around. I think they are still finding their voice, but the content is what counts: Beyond the Words, with Emily Strand. 

3 "other media"
  1. NET NY TV: for the Diocese of Brooklyn's quality programming.
  2. Pope John Paul's Theology of the Body talks. Yes, it's a book, but that's still media, right? And media with a track record of changing history, which TOB is surely meant to do, in the Holy Spirit's grand design. (The link lets you see inside the book.)
  3. The "State of Grace" albums by Paul Schwarz. You'll find them in the "New Age" section of your music store, but they're built on the solid rock of ancient Church music (mostly). I find the "Magnificat" tracks of Vol. 2 wonderful for prayer. (Of course, it helps if you know at least a little Latin!)

3 Random Catholic things online
Right now, honestly? Resources on the new Roman Missal: 



and 3, this medicine for the human soul (10 million views so far!). (It's "Catholic" because it's such a celebration of the gift of human life.)

My own projects
First off, the Singing Sisters Channel on YouTube, where you'll find videos from our recording studio, snippets from our Christmas concerts and Sr Julia's "Best Catholic Books" video book reviews.

The Daughters of St. Paul Choir also has a Facebook page (see the sidebar and us!); I manage that along with Sr. Sean and Sr. Tracey. (It's a soprano plan to conquer the world!)
A few specialized video channels on ustream.tv: Theology of the Body (our monthly online study group, led by Fr. Thomas Loya, also has a matching blog where you can find links to the study group's chat transcript and notes); Catholic Faith and Life (random Catholic instruction and spirituality); Pauline Spirit (news and reflections specifically related to our community); Discernment.

As if one blog wasn't enough: Paulines in the Loop (news and info from our downtown Chicago bookstore); The Angelus Project (a static page devoted to resources promoting the praying of the Angelus, our three-times-daily Catholic "call to prayer"); plus, I maintain Sr Julia's "Best Catholic Books" blog, too (there she is in my Mom's living room).

You can also find me on Twitter and Plurk;
I'm the only "nunblogger" there.

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