Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I was in Milwaukee last night, giving a talk on the Liturgy of the Word. I've been attempting to record my talks, in the hopes of making them available online. I just don't know when I would have the time to edit them. (More work?!) Would you be interested in "raw" recordings of talks on the Mass? Or should I really attempt to edit them a bit?
I have two more talks for the series at St. Josaphat's; it's been a lot of fun. (Plus, I am listening to "Jesus of Nazareth" vol. 2 on the long drive, so the weekly trek has been intellectually and spiritually enriching!)
Meanwhile, I have been reflecting on a homily I heard yesterday at St. Peter's. Father Bob Pawell focused on the "little people" in the first reading; the unimportant ones in society were actually the ones who carried the story of Naaman forward from beginning to end! And I thought what a good idea that was for spiritual reading: to look at the "little" people in a Bible passage and not just the "major players."


jeffmathews said...

Sr. Anne,
My vote is that you just post the raw recordings. It'll feel more like we are there at your talk.
Thank you!

KSC Newman Center said...

I would be grateful for raw talks.