Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today's feast of St. Andrew is already offering me a lot of insight. When I read the Gospel for this feast (the call of not only Andrew, but Peter, James and John with him), I was especially struck by the phrase "he left his nets" at that unnuanced call of Jesus, "Come, follow Me." Suddenly, an image from one of the parables came to mind: the parable of the man who "finds a treasure in a field, and, rejoicing at his find, goes and sells all he has to buy the field." I don't remember if the Advent liturgy will give us this parable (I don't think it does), but it is very fitting for a time of "joyful hope" for something hidden in plain sight. The ascetical dimension of Advent is supposed to train us to recognize that treasure for all its worth, and equip us to leave our nets, too, to follow Him.

We have our first concert tonight, at St. Ephrem's in Brooklyn. At the midpoint, there is a little skit along the lines of "Sister Act" (there is even a pair of red satin heels for Sr Nancy!); we're going to [spoiler alert!] sing the "I will Follow Him" song from the movie. What a great reminder of today's Gospel!

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Cody said...

Do you have a recording of your Sister Act piece? :)