Monday, November 29, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

So I'm with the choir in New York all week (except for Cleveland on Friday). We're still learning the notes and the ropes for our first concert--which is Tuesday (not Monday, which is what I had in my head all this time--what a relief!).

One of the weird things about the concert tour is that it tends to shortcut Advent for me. After all these years, I am beginning to realize that this is not going to change. Instead, I need to find ways to reinforce the Advent themes and focus for myself. I got a helpful insight into how to do that from yesterday's short reading from Paul and his typical language of "putting on the Lord Jesus." Using our Founder's "Way, Truth and Life" approach, I have a new tool in my Advent toolbox: I want to take the commandments, counsels and examples that the readings offer as ways of "putting on the Lord Jesus" who is our Way to the Father. The instruction and teachings (especially the ones that seem to address misplaced values or priorities in my life) are the Truth that can "transform me by the renewal of my mind"--"putting on the Lord Jesus" in my mind. Putting on the Lord Jesus as Way and Truth means discovering that "in him was Life, Life for the light of humanity." Discovering Jesus where we do not expect to see him is the quintessential Advent grace, isn't it? I hope this little Advent focus will help redeem the season from all the preemptive Christmas language we'll be singing so early on.

Back in Chicago, meanwhile, the big news is that the Sony spotlight is on Danny Hidalgo, one of the Spirit Juice producers who is working on the documentary with Sr. Helena. The Sony site features users of, naturally, Sony equipment--and showcases their work, too. So not only will you meet Danny (which is nice enough; he's a great guy--something I can affirm after we spent ten days in Italy working on the film), two of his projects are also getting exposure right on Sony's site, and one of them is a powerful "choose life" short. Plus there's a mention of our documentary (did you watch the trailer yet?). (Please watch and rate his videos!)

Welcome to the new Nunblog subscribers! Glad to have you join the conversation.

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K T Cat said...

"To Be Born" was pretty jarring, but I liked it. Thanks for the tip!