Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Home, Chicago

Good to be back in Chi-Town, but what mess I came home to! A Hollywood mess, that is, and the crew of Transformers 3 promises that they'll leave our alley cleaner than it was when they found it. Which will be a real bonus! I came down from the green line, trundling my suitcase (with the HEAVY tag removed, thank you) and my computer case, and had to be given permission to go through the alley. Overturned cars (even a school bus), piles of "brick" and other debris filled it. There was even a big hunk of fake rock blocking our garage door! Sr Helena got some (verboten) cell phone pics and video of the scene a few days ago. (They're packing up now, moving to Navy Pier--for some water scenes, I suppose.)
I had to read Sr. Helena's blog post to get caught up to speed.
And now, after a very long day of travel, off to Mass!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Chicago and your own little nest. Pleasant dreams.

C said...