Thursday, August 19, 2010

And it's a wrap! (Official!)

This morning there was a photo shoot instead of rehearsal. I am trying to put a little movie together of clips of us sitting, standing and kneeling around the trees and shrubs of the Arnold Arboretum. Must have been quite a sight for the dog walkers and joggers there this morning. Then, mid-afternoon, Sr. Julia and I were called down for our duet: "The Prayer" (immoralized by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion). I was Celine. Sort of. I expected this to be the most fun song of all to sing, but it turned out to be the most labor-intensive, because instead of soaring orchestral tracks, all we had in our headsets was a (very subtle) piano accompaniment. Didn't quite do the trick. An hour and a half later, we think we may have nailed it....

Meanwhile, back in Chicago... you can now get a T-shirt and help support the documentary Sr. Helena is writing about our Founder (see sidebar trailer):

Standard black T with white letters. $10 each. $5.00 postage. S, M, L, XL 
Contact: Sr. Helena Put "ALBERIONE" in email subject line.

And, courtesy of the multi-talented (and omnipresent) Matthew Warner, here are a few of the many media apostles at the CNMC (we're going back two weeks now) who, like Alberione, use media to spread the Good News:

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