Saturday, May 08, 2010

Food for Thought... this Wednesday

I can't make it, but may be you can...
From Curiousity to 
Studiousness: Catechizing the Appetite for Knowledge


Paul Griffiths
Duke University
It's a good thing, almost everyone would say, to want to know things; that view is certainly bone-deep in our universities and colleges, as well as in the church. But there are different ways of coming to want to know things, different ways of training and forming the appetite for knowledge. It has been traditional in Catholic Christianity to identify two such ways under the labels curiositas (curiosity) and studiositas (studiousness). This talk will explore the difference between the two, and offer a sketch of what a well-formed appetite for knowledge is like.

Paul Griffiths is Warren Professor of Catholic Theology at Duke Divinity School. His main intellectual interests include post-1950 Catholic philosophical theology, the philosophical and political questions arising from religious diversity, and Gupta-period Indian Buddhist thought (especially Yogacara). He has published Intellectual Appetite: A Theological Grammar (Catholic University of America, 2009), Reason and the Reasons of Faith with Reinhard Hütter (T. & T. Clark, 2005), and Lying: An Augustinian Theology of Duplicity (Brazos, 2004).


Janelle said...

The poster is truncated in my browser:

11-12 May 2010: Lecturing for the Lumen Christi Institute under the title, “From Curiosity to Studiousness: Catechizing the Appetite for Knowledge”; in Chicago, Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what time?

Janelle said...

From Curiosity to Studiousness: Catechizing the Appetite for Knowledge
Paul Griffiths (Duke University)
Wednesday, May 12, 4:30 pm
Swift Hall, Commons Room
University of Chicago

For details, see:

Janelle said...

(The first post is taken from Prof. Griffiths' personal site. The second is from Lumen Christi's site.)