Saturday, May 08, 2010

Celtic Fest

The City of Chicago is trimming expenses by trimming down its wonderful festivals. First of the newly-reduced fests was this weekend's Celtic Fest. Unfortunately for the exhibitors and performers, the weather (back to winter, anyone?) contributed to paring things down even more than the city did. Ah, well. I still accompanied our Korean guest, Sister Julia, to Millennium Park. She took in a breath and then stuttered, "The men are wearing..."
"KILTS," I said. "They are wearing kilts. Traditional costume."  Fortunately, just then the sound of bagpipes came from the Bean, so we headed that way. Naturally, all the players were wearing...kilts.
We grabbed a bit of lunch from the few food vendors around the Great Lawn. Nothing to write home about. (Don't try the "Celtic Egg Roll" of corned beef, cabbage and cheese in a fried wrap. Just don't.)
Tomorrow, Sister Julia will prepare a special meal for the community.
She's cooking Chinese.

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