Monday, March 01, 2010

Update from Chile

We were finally able to get some news from our sisters in Chile, where we have communities up and down the coast, and up and down the mountains. Miraculously, even though our building in Concepcion was not considered up to par, it shows no damage. The sisters in Concepcion and Santiago are safe, though communications is impeded by the lack of electricity and the continuing aftershocks (over 100 yesterday, and expected to go on for two months). There are still worries for two sisters who were visiting their families, and for the families of the sisters from the most affected zones.
Our sisters in Chile have been heroic in bringing our apostolate forward; please pray that their apostolic creativity will flourish in this difficult situation, so they can be a real light to their people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know this. May your Sisters carry the love and light of Jesus everywhere they go. May they continue to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit as they minister to all of the people they reach out to in Chile. Julie A.

Anonymous said...

thanks sr A