Saturday, February 27, 2010

Discernment Retreat

A year and a half ago, I recorded a portion of a discernment retreat talk given by Sr Helena and Sr Margaret Michael. Finally I was able to edit the footage from the two cameras into one! It's not totally what I was hoping to do, but it is something, and could be helpful for those who are intensifying their discernment during Lent. On Monday I will try to post it on Facebook, etc.
Meanwhile, feel free to send discerners over: it's an inspiring presentation and full of practical advice.

(Give it time to process fully on ustream, and pray for all the people at who make this service possible!)


Anonymous said...

This is incredibly useful - especially for someone like me, working in parish ministry with young adults seemingly all in the process of discernment about something!

Sr Anne said...

I'm so glad I finally managed to put it together!

Shana said...

I love how you Daughters of St. Paul bring TOB into everything! It cracks me up how Sr. Helena is constantly talking about TOB. Love it!