Saturday, February 06, 2010

Weekend Report

The day was full--so full I have to bow out a bit early, just to recuperate!
We had our weekly Church history class here (using Ascension Press' "Epic" DVD series). Every week we get new participants, and the overall impressions are more than positive. But while that was going on here in Chicago, back in Boston it was Vow Day for Sr Neville Forchap (now Sister Neville Christine, fsp).  Later in the day I prepared a birthday supper for Holy Family Institute member, Bill and his wife Madeline. Bill and Madeline made their own first vows in the Pauline Family last September.
At 1:00 our time, Sr Helena and I participated in a Skype conversation with Sean McGaughey for the podcast Catholic Roundup. The topic was the World Communications Day message, and the relationship of the Church and the new media generally. What  I have only used Skype two or three times, and never for a group conversation, so it was a new experience for me. (Always good to learn new things for the mission.)

And, speaking of new things, tomorrow is shaping up to be the first time ever that I will watch the Super Bowl and actually attempt to follow the game. I can't help it. I'm from New Orleans! (Geaux, Saints!)


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It does sound like a very full day. Skype is wonderful -- lets you talk to friends all over the world (do business, too, that way). Even teach a class. A real contribution to the programs available for Interneting.

Anonymous said...

Geaux Saints. After Mass this morning, the recessional exit "hymn" was When the Saints Go Marching In. My black and gold tee shirt had written on the front of it "Got Drew?, the back of it read "We Do" Go Team.