Friday, February 05, 2010

Cloud of Witnesses

The liturgy is going out of its way today to present us with models of faith and devotion. And drama, too.
Yesterday we heard of the death of King David; today we have a paeon to David from the very late book of Sirach. (Tellingly, Sirach devotes as much time to David's liturgical life as he does to his military exploits.) There's another death in the Gospel, but this time it is death at the hands of a king: the sniveling King Herod. Whereas David was the father of a great builder-king (Solomon), this Herod was the son of one (Herod the Great). And where David was bold, Herod was weak. So weak that his wife knew just how to force his hand in getting the head of John the Baptist out of Herod's dungeon and onto a plate. All she had to do was tell her daughter to ask for it "at once." The presence of witnesses insured that Herod would be unable to procrastinate.
But wait, there's more!
Today is also the feast of the early Christian martyr, Agatha and the anniversary of the death of Ven. Mother Thecla Merlo, co-foundress (with Bl. James Alberione) of the Daughters of St. Paul!
All told, four images of wholehearted faith.


Lisa said...

I just realized that Sister Barbara must be blogging with Sister Anne since today's post says "posted by Sister Barbara." Welcome to the blogosphere, Sister Barbara!

FaithyHope said...

I'm new to following this blog, but having watched the film clip I was going to say in response to the comment

"Teresa continnues to inspire her daughters today"

that just from this clip, she inspires many more than the daughters of her own faith and community, but all of us who are touched by her story. But now I realise that this would be an inaccurate statement as a woman such as this, evidently would look upon every person as a child of her own, and that maternal concept would be illustrated to all through love, faith and prayer.

Thank you for posting.

God bless you all,
With prayers and love,

Faith x

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Remarkable. Part I makes you want to watch Part II and hope that they are even more parts.