Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Special Request

I'm pulling the first of my talks for Mt Carmel into its more or less polished form--that will be one down, three to go. But I need some stories to liven the presentation up a bit. Otherwise, it risks being extremely content-heavy, without any relief. I am looking for stories of people's real-life experiences at Mass. They can be profound or funny; misperceptions, kids' reactions, things like that, but also life-changing realizations about the Word of God, the sacrifices we offer in union with Jesus, the way daily prayer and Mass connect, particularly meaningful Holy Communions...
Got anything to share? Put it here in the comments and send it on to me by e-mail, too: romans8v29 is my gmail address. Use the subject line: MASS.
I'll be looking forward to your stories! Thanks!


pasdragged2vt said...

This may not be what you are looking for but, I was stressed out a Mass one Sunday and at the the part of the Mass where we say "and protect us from all anxiety" I said mentally, something not particularly horrid, but surely not suitable for the one true God; it was something like "yeah, what about that protect us from all anxiety stuff". Immediately I had the most wonderful feeling of peace! It was just incredible. We truly have a loving God who cares about us!

Carmela James said...

I was at at Catholic youth convention, and a performing comedian told us a great story about his daughter. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name.

She was young, and you know how little kids are during Mass, so he was trying to get her to pay attention to what was going on. It was at the end of Communion, and he told her "Look! See--they're going to go put Jesus in the box!" (The Tabernacle, of course.)

Rather than quieting down and watching, the daughter jumped up on her pew and shouted "Don't worry, Jesus! I won't let them put you in that box!!"

Everyone laughed, and he quickly tried to explain that Jesus likes it in the Tabernacle and it's okay for the priest to put Him in there.

That's how strongly she believed that Jesus is in the Eucharist--her knee-jerk reaction was "I'll save you!" And that's how strongly we all need to believe in the Eucharist, too.

Sr Anne said...

Talk about a living presence!!!