Monday, February 22, 2010

Grace in Abundance

Lately I have been involved in several projects that make me really glad I have been keeping up with the liturgical reflections on this blog. Today I just turned in the latest "installment" toward my full assignment for a new book of seasonal meditations. The first book was "Lenten Grace," to which I contributed a measly two meditations (all I had time for!). Then came "Advent Grace" (two more meditations; it's a short season). Last month I met my deadline for the upcoming volume "Easter Grace" and today I sent in the third of ten installments for a two-volume edition of "Everyday Grace." I have combed my previous blog posts for anything at all that reflects the liturgical readings, and for the most part, I have at least found a little something to work with: a real grace, as far as I'm concerned!
Want to know the best part?
The editor of the project is Sister Grace.

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How do you spell "fortuitous"?