Thursday, December 03, 2009

Concert Rush

Tuesday night's concert was in New Jersey: Our Lady of Fatima parish in Piscataway (am I spelling that right?). We had been there last year, too. This year, the school auditorium was filled to capacity: many of the students were there in their uniforms, ready to give tours of the school when the concert was done. And the pastor gave a big (long) exhortation about vocations before we started singing. Since this parish has perpetual Eucharistic adoration, it was not all that surprising that the young people were not shy about coming up to us to talk about religious life...
Last night was our third concert (in a row): Queen of Heaven parish. The pastor is best friends (and best rivals) with the pastor of St. Athanasius, site of our first concert. Before the concert, though, we got lost in the Bronx... looking for a radio stationed that turned out to be inside of Fordham University for a taping. The interview-cum-concert was for the Christmas program on WFUV. Once we found it, we had a great time. It went even better when Sr. Bridget and Jerry got there. (They really got lost.)
Tonight is our "big" concert on Staten Island. It's our main fund-raiser for the year. Mr. Snowman is ready to go; the rest of us, not so much yet...
(WFUV has a fan page on Facebook so you can catch the program when it goes to podcast.)

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