Friday, December 04, 2009

Concert Clips

Here's a little something from our first Brooklyn concert. It was recorded and broadcast by the diocese of Brooklyn's TV ministry, NET TV.
Last night was our "big" concert on Staten Island. We are told it's "the biggest Christmas event on the Island." So the Staten Island Advance covered last night's concert and treated us today to a story with photos and even a video of a complete song--the one in which the venerable Monsignor from St. Peter's (a former drummer for Desi Arnaz) worked the conga drums.
Daughters of St. Paul Concert

Among the comments we've heard this week:
"You sisters are touching more lives than you realize."
"They all look so happy."
"You can tell the sisters are free to be themselves."
"They sure married the right guy."

This afternoon we will offer two brief concerts to the school children at Blessed Sacrament School here on Staten Island. (Our NY community resides at Blessed Sacrament Convent; we owe the kids something for using their playground as a parking lot!) Then tomorrow we leave for an evening concert in Cleveland: our first in the Buckeye State! Sr. Diane and her sister, Sr. Susan, are in Cleveland now, doing a mission week; our concert will be the capstone for that effort. Then we move on to Philadelphia.
Thanks for the prayers (especially you, Mom!); keep them coming!

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Brother Vito, OFMCap said...

Fun stuff! Everytime we try to sing something different, we sound like a herd of wounded alpacas. Great job to all of you.

Peace, and I've added your blog to my site.