Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maybe next year

I understand that the "closer" for the Passover celebration is a hearty wish, expressed in the form of an acclamation: "Next year in Jerusalem!" Well, the Pauline Cooperators are saying something along those lines, only it's "Next year in Italy!"
This year's hoped-for pilgrimage to the founder's birthplace and other key locations in from Rome to Northern Italy had to be canceled. (Sister Margaret could have predicted the economic meltdown by the number of pre-registrations that didn't come in.) Maybe next year? (Dates set for Oct. 20-30; write to Sr. Margaret for a brochure and find your piggy bank!)
Association of Pauline Cooperators
Sr. Margaret Kerry
50 Saint Pauls Ave
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Meanwhile, Sr Margaret maintains a really fine blog of resources in Pauline spirituality and communications.

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Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

Thank you, Sr Anne! I am also one of many followers of nunblog.