Thursday, September 03, 2009

Leave me! Follow ME!

In view of the Vatican visitation, my community is beginning shared reflections on the various documents. There's a whole outline of themes and related passages from documents on religious life (plus the Code of Canon Law!). My all-time favorite document is "Vita Consecrata," so I picked that up last night and started at #14 (which happens to be one of the recommended passages). It dovetails amazingly with today's Gospel, which is the call of Peter and Andrew, James and John, the fishermen of Galilee:
"The evangelical basis [of consecrated life] is to be sought in the special relationship which Jesus, in his earthly life, established with some of his disciples. He called them not only to welcome the Kingdom of God into their own lives, but also to put their lives at its service, leaving everything behind..."
Jesus commandeered not only Simon's boat (and its nets), but its captain and crew! He took over; he put it all at the service of the Gospel. And then he told the trembling Simon, "You will catch people (the way I just reeled you in)." He was promising Simon a profound communion with his own divine mission.
"Set out into the deep," indeed!

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Sr. Lorraine said...

This is a BLEG.

I need helping finding angel stories for the book I'm doing. It will be similar to Sr Kathryn's book on St Joseph.
If anyone has a story of being helped by an angel, please send it to me. More details are at my blog.


Sr Lorraine