Wednesday, September 02, 2009

After having posted last week about the "Reformed" Catholics who are already attempting to institutionalize women's ordination, and before that about the Visitation of women's communities, it seems appropriate to link to a current story that connects both issues (I found the article through a link on Twitter). You'll note that the article includes a "poll" on the issue of women's ordination (the Church's position is not exactly in the ascendency).

Just this week I have been conversing (via Facebook) with a young woman who has had quite a bit of trouble understanding the Church's position. This article by Sr Sara Butler was helpful to her in understanding that this is not something political or just an unhelpful relic of patriarchal society. The article may be a bit dense, but stick with her: Sr Sara is making some points that are usually skipped right over in our cultural haste to cut to the chase. (Sara Butler is one of my heroes!)

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