Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Send us your stories!

This just in from the motherhouse publishing office:

In August, a new book will be released entitled St. Joseph, Help for Life’s Emergencies. When we began that book we asked input from the sisters and our friends, particularly for stories of times when St. Joseph had interceded for you and come to your aid. Now we are doing a book on Jesus with the same format, particularly looking at Jesus as mercy or love and mercy. We want to include stories that you have, stories from your family, co-workers, cooperators, any priests or sisters you know, etc. etc.

Stories of any “small miracles” or healings are welcome but ALSO any story of a particular time when you might have especially felt the Lord’s presence in your life in a unique way, especially as these relate to the Sacred Heart or to Jesus' Divine Mercy. Go ahead and “share away” – sometimes, the simplest tales are the best. You can add it to the comments here or send it to Sr Christine Salvatore. Don’t worry about how the story is written. We will need to rewrite them all anyway to keep the book in a consistent format. The information is what is essential and most precious. If anyone would like to tell their story rather than write it down, e-mail Sr Christine and she will contact you to make a phone appointment.
THANKS so much. Deadline for submission is July 17th so we hope to hear from you soon.

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Maryann said...

Hi Sr. Anne. I look forward to the book about St. Joseph and the upcoming book about Jesus' Divine Mercy. Received an email from Sr. Margaret and already sent my experience of Divine Mercy to Sr. Kathryn. Will also share this request with my prayer group. We pray the Divine Mercy each week at our Prayer Meeting. Your articles are wonderful!