Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I found a link to the video below on Twitter. I remember when Dr Nathanson was the personification of the abortion industry. Like George Tiller after him, he thought there were good, solid reasons, compassionate reasons, for abortion. It was the "silent scream" of a baby aborted in his clinic, a scream he saw in a live ultrasound, that mounted the argument he could not answer. (You can find the video on YouTube. He tried to use it to undo his work, but the culture preferred the more comfortable lie to this uncomfortable--discomforting--truth.)

Nathanson left his work and the organization he helped found (the still-influential Naral Pro-Choice America), and has spent the last decades undoing what his own hand had wrought. So that's what he's doing in the video. In a very laid-back way (the context is some bill in South Dakota--the one from last November?), he says again what he has been saying for the longest time, as the lies he started continue with a life on their own: it was all lies!

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