Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lenten Listening

You'd think with all the possibilities of social networking that I would be able to keep up really well with opportunities and projects in the world of Catholic new media. I guess I've been too busy dealing with St. Paul talks (and my ongoing recovery from that fall in St. Paul--Mom wrote a few days ago,
"Beware the Ice of March!"
), because I only learned today about these new Lenten projects...
Like the U.S. Bishops' Conference offering daily Lenten meditations. Here's the thought of the day in audio form. There is also a selection of video meditations on the site.
Archbishop Wuerl of Washington, DC, a long-time friend of our community (from the days when he was the dapper young assistant of John Cardinal Wright at the Vatican): he's got a YouTube message for Lent (it's embedded here), calling all Catholics to personally invite their "fallen-away" friends or family members, inviting them to return to a full Catholic life of Mass and the sacraments. The Archdiocese is even printing 50,000 invitations (available at all the parishes in the Washington DC diocese) and launched a special website to make it a little easier. Might be nice to forward the video to them, too, in a ... discreet way!

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