Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's a deadline in more ways than one. We have until April 9 (ironically, Holy Thursday) to respond to the President's intention to rescind the recent (needed) protection of medical personnel consciences in matters related to human life.
Health care workers have already suffered discrimination on the basis of their refusal to participate in procedures like abortion; the President's action will make them even more vulnerable, and deprive the general public of just what we need: conscientious and ethical doctors and nurses! (The proposed action would also affect Catholic hospitals. Is this an incremental way to enact the controversial FOCA?)
See the USCCB for more info, plus a chance to register your reaction.

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Regina Terrae said...

Thank you for the head's up! I'm an Obama fan, over all, but very unhappy with his abortion stance. I will take action.