Monday, February 23, 2009

Sr Helena gets Sirius

Lino Rulli is going to interview Sr. Helena today on his "Catholic Guy" program on Sirius Radio. I have no idea what time, but I do know the topic: Sr. Helena's reaction to last night's Academy Awards. (Spoiler alert! Every time "Slumdog Millionaire" won another Oscar, Sr. Helena let out an anguished "Noooooooo!")

My own reaction, non-movie person that I am, was that Hollywood was so upset over California voters passing Proposition 8 (keeping the natural definition of marriage unchanged) that they gave "Milk" as many Oscars as possible. That said, I also have to admit feeling real distress on hearing from Sean Penn that anti-Milk protesters were outside the venue: what was the point? They won the vote--that was already a very strong statement to Hollywood and to anyone else who might care to listen.

Even in such international Oscars as we witnessed last night, when it comes down to it, Hollywood really does orbit its own planet. What we saw last night was a sign that to "the Industry" California is the world.

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