Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gearing up for Lent

Yesterday I got invited to the Facebook group "Fast Facebook for Lent." Today I was reading yesterday's Wall Street Journal, and lo and behold: a front-page article about just this phenomenon! I do a weekly "sabbath fast" from electronics, and since my mission involves communicating, I'm not inclined to make it more than a sabbath event, but people are onto something. In fact, the WSJ article quoted a few people who were right in line with Pope Benedict's World Communications Day message: social networking is wonderful, but don't let it take the place of face-to-face relationships with the people you live and work with. Of course, those "real" relationships ask more of us. We can dismiss irritating online friends with the click of a mouse. Doesn't work so well with the nag in the next cubicle.
The traditional Lenten practices are prayer, fasting and charity. Perhaps a Facebook fast can be the jumping off point for all three!
What are your ideas for this Lent in the Pauline Year?

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