Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The will of God

All three of today's Scripture passages (first reading, psalm and Gospel) center on the "will of God." I have found that we Catholics often invoke "the will of God" when dealing with tragedy. It is an act of faith; a way we reaffirm that we are not at the mercy of impersonal fate, but that Providence is still making all things work out for good, even when that good is not at all apparent. But today's readings are not about the will of God in that vein. They are about God's overall plan for us. And that plan is that we, creatures of earth, be consecrated "through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ" and become "brother and sister and mother" to him. This is the "will of God" and everything, Paul tells us, works together for this greatest of all goods. So when we invoke the "will of God" to cope with harsh realities are we selling God a bit short?

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