Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in 1918, our Founder had a young disciple named Maggiorino (pronounced MAH-jo-Ree-no). This fervent boy had a spiritual "motto" which the Founder loved: "Make a little progress every day." Well, Maggiorino made a lot of spiritual progress, since he died (of the Spanish flu? I don't remember the cause) when he was fourteen, and his cause for beatification awaits only a miracle. He's "Venerable" Maggiorino.
Anyway, "a little progress" is what I made today on my upcoming talk for St. Paul's parish in Joliet. I'll be doing a whole-family program on St. Paul. I have never done a whole-family presentation in my life, so I'm feeling almost as intimidated over this as I am over the Saturday retreat in Saint Paul, MN, where I will be following Peter Kreeft as a series speaker. (It's all good for making "a little progress" in humility and trust!)

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