Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tech trouble

Sr Bridget is getting advice by phone to solve a big problem: our wireless mic system is picking up a radio station!


Anonymous said...

In spite of the many glitches you are all to be congratulated for making the show going on. On this final night of the concerts methinks I hear a thundering sigh of relief amid the applause.

nancy (aka money coach) said...

Ha! We had a similar problem at our parish - the tour busses going by - their tour guide spiels would get picked up by our mic's in the middle of the mass!

Lisa said...

The concert was great, that's for sure. As for technical challenges with the microphone system, I think I have an idea worth checking it out (if S. Bridget hasn't done so already): Since there did not seem to be any other obvious factor, the interference may actually be being caused by dying back-up batteries either in the headsets and/or in any of the related systems. I have heard of this occuring in other wireless mike systems.

For the audience, the occasional interference did not interfere with the experience of a great and inspiring concert and thanks to our intercessors in heaven the system behaved very well during S. Anne's heavenly rendition of "O Holy Night." For those who haven't heard her sing yet, I can only say that her voice is like the finest, purest crystal especially at the highest notes. I am so glad that "O Holy Night" returned for this year's concert program :)