Saturday, December 13, 2008

New bioethics document

Kind of meaningful to have a document on the dignity of the human person issued during Advent, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Excellent reading, but didn't have time to go through it all, yet. It is about time this type of document was updated and published to provide consistency with the latest stance on abortion, in light of use of words such as
'dignity', 'respect', 'honor' and 'truth'.

Wasn't able to tell who is the organization that published this, and how are they related to Vatican.

Sorry to bring it up, as not appearing to 'fully agree' and seeming contentious, but believe that more rationality in understanding the Catholic Church makes it more universally plausible/acceptable to those of all persuasions, as the issue can be part of a very wide area of conflicting statements. Many people without biology or chemistry or other observational science backgrounds refuse to try to understand science, and instead 'cop out' by calling it a 'faith' issue, and tell me I'm a bad Christian for questioning something as if it's a scandal. It is very difficult for those of faith to be told what to believe by people that refuse to think of what actually happens, and instead, with their legal or rhetorical training try to make up some logical argument with words about God's intentions.
So, would like to understand role of chronic CMV infection (due to STDs) and ectopic pregnancy, and how use of methotrexate injection may be used in light of the occurrence. (Probably addressed in the missive.)

And, in another time would like to explore the issue of daily use by females of 'birth control' hormones, and how the definition of conception in the Church is purported to be based on 'science'
but then other scientific 'facts' may not be accepted in the same train of thought.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a help to 'anonymous' my blog Pro-Life Coalition, you will find a very complete explanation done by atheists for life. Along with the scientific qualifications, it is written of the facts and myths. As a Catholic, I find it very helpful to also have the scientific facts for those who might not accept the truth based on the Catholic Church teachings. Faith and Reason...both are within the Catholic Church, hand in hand.