Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home again, Home again

I'm back in Chicago, lost in catching up on all the things that have been piling up here and on line for me. It does reassure me, though: sometimes I feel that I'm just not doing very much. When I go away for a few days and find a mountain to climb, it tells me that I probably am actually doing more than I realize day by day!
I got a few more phone calls and emails from parishes and organizations hoping to line up talks for the year of St. Paul. I'm trying to accept as many of these as humanly possible. The main talks are already written, after all, so the more the merrier. And Sr. Julia in New Orleans booked me for a talk in my hometown in January (a wonderfully apostolic excuse to get out of Chicago in the middle of winter, even if for only a few days).
Oh, and I just remembered another commitment I made: to work with Sr. Irene Regina to prepare a visual program to go along with one of the songs for our Christmas Concerts... That had totally slipped my mind. As has the location of the document Jack Weber signed, giving me permission to use his photos.
Maybe I really should just call it a day!

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Anonymous said...

Good night, sweet one "and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest".