Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did you miss me? I'm still in Philadelphia. I had the full Philadelphia food experience: scrapple for breakfast yesterday and a cheesesteak sandwich for supper this evening. I was expecting something on the lines of a hot roast beef poor boy with cheese. What it turned out to be was a cross between a poor boy and a meatball sandwich with cheese (no French bread, of course): the roast beef is served with pizza sauce, cheese (American, provolone or Cheez Whiz) and cooked onions. Tomorrow, God willing, I return to Chicago, the land of the hot dog ("with all seven condiments"). Not that I expect Chicago hot dogs on the convent menu, you understand.
It has been a great week, sharing St. Paul with the Church of Philadelphia, and sharing Pauline life with our local community. We have a great team of Pauline Cooperators here, especially the dear Jack and Sophie Weber. I'll be writing soon about their prison ministry and support group for families and the art show they recently put on with inmate's remarkable art.


The Dutchman said...

Scrapple is my favorite breakfast! I first had it in Virginia and you can usually find it in grocery stores in black neighborhoods here in Chicago.

Fred said...

Scrapple! Can you hear your blood clot?...but once in a while! Speaking of you think we might have lunch on Saturday, November 15? I seem to have mass at 8:15 AM and 7 appointments or assignments between...Let me know when you get your feet on the ground!
Father Fred, CMF