Monday, October 06, 2008

Sorry about that, Bruno

Today is the feast of St. Bruno, the Carthusian. But all during my prayer time this morning, I was convinced that it was tomorrow's feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! I prayed the Invitatory antiphon ("Come, let us worship Christ, the Son of Mary"); I reflected on the feastday Gospel ("Mary has chosen the better part"); I made a mental note to find my copy of Pope John Paul's document on the Rosary to use for my afternoon prayer... All to realize that I was skipping right over St. Bruno. Even worse, when I took pictures of the stained glass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (where I sing in the choir), I skipped right over St. Bruno's window, thinking that I would have very little use for an image of an 11th century hermit.
My bad.


Anonymous said...

Your confusion over today's feast was hardly a "My bad" situation. Just think of the many people such as yours truly who researched this eleventh century hermit because Your "bad" piqued their interest.

Fred said...

I am sure Saint Bruno would approve and be humbled to share any day with Mary, the Mother of his, and our LOrd! And no matter how we come to Mary, she always leads us to Jesus. Now you can enjoy her festival day twice!
Father Fred, CMF

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fr Fred. What a positive outlook you have.From lemons to lemonade.