Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Better Part

It wasn't until last night when I was preparing for today's liturgy that I realized that my "mistake" yesterday (taking up today's Gospel instead of yesterday's) was really an invitation to do what Mary did that day in Bethany: really sit at the Lord's feet and let him do the talking.

Speaking of talking.... I (finally) put together a web page offering the presentations I am doing for the Year of St. Paul. If you are in the greater Chicago area (or the Midwest, generally!), please give a copy of this list to your pastor or adult faith formation director. Maybe I can come your way!

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Fred said...

I for one can applaud your presentation on Saint Paul, the people in Georgia were still talking about it when I left in August...two months later. They were wondering when they could put together another program like yours, or, if you had any more material.
I will be on the look out and let you know what's up here in South Chicago!
Sister Anne's readers...
It's a wonderful presentatin...take my word for it and take the journey!
Father Fred, CMF