Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Wagon

Please add your comments to welcome Sr. Irene Regina to our Chicago community. Sr. Irene is from the St. Louis area, and has most recently been stationed in our New York community. We're excited to introduce her to this dynamic city and all the missionary possibilities it offers. In fact, she will have hardly set her suitcase down when she'll go on the road with Sr. Helena to attend the Holy Family Institute annual Triduum in Canfield, OH. (Sr. Laura and I will also be on the road, but in the opposite direction, for a parish book fair and St. Paul talk in Davenport.)
Sr. Irene is "famous" in our communities as being the only Daughter of St. Paul (so far) to have attended college on a basketball scholarship. (With her phys. ed. background, she might be the one to help us all keep any resolutions we might have made in the way of health and exercise...)


exinco said...

hi, you have a good job. Glory to the Lord

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Michigan Avenue, Sr. Irene Regina. What a dynamic community you will be enriching. Save me a guest room I love Chicago, too. Sr. Anne's Mom

Anonymous said...

I think Sr. Irene Regina was one of the first DSP I ever met ... in Alaska? :) I hope she thoroughly enjoys her new home! Blessings,