Friday, September 26, 2008

More from the mailbox

More from the YouTube mailroom:

I just wanted to drop you line... to.. say... thank you for your youtube... experience
Its bringing me closer to the church once again and I want to thank you for it...

I also have a question about books, do you have any recommendations for a person discerning religious life?

first off I would like to say I enjoy ur videos very much. I recently just bought a CD from the daughters of Saint Paul at our local Catholic store, and I rely liked what I heard, I was wondering if they hade a myspace music profile, I know it sounds weird for a nun to have a myspace, but we have developed a community on myspace. I think it would also be good advertisement for the Order.

Hello sister, I send you a video on how one lives Easter in my city. My city is called Linares and lies within Andalucia, a region in southern Spain. I hope she likes. P.D.: Excuse me, my English. If the shipment of video fails, here you have the web address:

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