Saturday, September 13, 2008

Am I missing something?

One of my friends seems to be on the "dire warnings of doom" e-mail list. Lately, she has been expressing preoccupations with the upcoming Presidential election. Everything from "Obama is Satan" to "McCain won't last long in the White House: what kind of President would Palin be?" to "Armageddon is coming, really!" Not to dismiss the possibility of Armageddon (it seems to already be in full swing in some parts of the globe), the general thrust of my friend's response to whatever it is that has affected her is worry and fear that the end is near.
So am I missing some critical information?
Jesus himself had some pretty scary language about how bad things would be right before the end. Did he mean for us to live in terror or anxiety? Not if St. Paul is to be believed--and he thought the end was right around the corner in his day! Instead, Paul told us to "long" for the coming of the Lord and to "hasten" it with prayer and upright living. It would be silly not to think that there would be some risk, even spiritual risk, if a time of universal crisis should break over us. (If Christians were being led off to torture or death for professing their faith, I picture myself--apart from the special grace of the Holy Spirit, hesitantly raising my hand about waist-high to admit my belief while hoping the gesture wouldn't be noticed.) But Jesus told us not to imagine these things: "sufficient to the day are the troubles thereof." St. Paul expected us to "love the Lord's coming." "The Lord is near! Rejoice!"
But I'm still wondering: am I missing something?


Fred said...

Absolutely not! You are right on the $$$! I get the same kinds of messages from people who should know better. Last night one of the priests here was decrying the lack of HOPE in the world. If we love God and do the right thing, what is there for us to fear...if the end comes tomorrow, so be it...what can we do about it anyway. Not that Ike or earthquakes, mudslides, floods, even airplanes falling out of the sky are any indication that the end is those who have no hope it all seems so unsettling. With God on our side, what can go wrong...His love endures all and nothing can separate us from his love.
Keep preaching's as important as those other two virtues: faith and charity.
Peace, Sister...
Father Fred, CMF

Schylar said...

"With God on our side, what can go wrong"

Hmmm...well, I hear this all the time Father. That God is on our side. I mean, I know God loves us but to say "What could go wrong" seems so presume a certian judgement that God has found favor with you and me or us in general. Yet, in the end we are to be judged. I believe that is what people are afraid of. The unanswered question of "Did I do it right?" I don't know, it's just a thought.

Anonymous said...

" I missing something?"...just the rejoicing, sister.