Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Pity the lone hockey fan in a convent community. No, not me: Sr. Helena. (Living in Canada for 8 years left an impact.) So last night, while I was in chapel, I heard loud cries of excitement coming from down the hall. "WOOOOO! Did you see that? DID you SEE that?!!! WOOO!"
What could be sadder than rooting for your team (the Penguins) and cheering its success all by yourself?
So I finished my prayer and went to the little TV room so Sr. Helena could gush about whatever it was that had just happened. She was still cheering. On the phone. With her mom.
And Pittsburgh brought the cup home.


Anonymous said...

Umm ... I think that would be Detroit, not Pittsburgh. ;-)


xaipe said...

Heh, heh. Sr. Helena was so excited by whatever had happened, I assumed it was the deciding game of the series... Instead, Pittsburgh won the game but lost the cup.
Kudos, Detroit!