Tuesday, June 03, 2008

blog explosion

I thought it was just me. I was unable to check my blog stats this weekend. Turns out it wasn't one of those little techno-flukes. Here's what I learned this morning:
Due to an explosion in The Planet Datacenter at the weekend, service on this
partition was interrupted. Depsite our best efforts 24 to 30 hours of stats
spread across Sunday GMT and some of Monday morning have been lost. We sincerely
apologise for this.
Readers in Houston, where the explosion took place, may have been aware of this incident.
As for me, I am impressed that what I took for granted as an electronic glitch (I had enough of those yesterday myself)--in other words, a virtual problem--was, in fact, a very real and very dangerous event. (Thankfully, no one was killed.) Isn't it odd how technology can guide our assumptions? I wonder what other assumptions or instant interpretations are being influenced more by a technological mindset than by reality...

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