Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Name Day

I know, it's the feast of the birth of John the Baptist and my given name is Anne; how can it be my name day? Because I took a second name when I made my vows, and it is the feminine form of John, Joan. For the first 25 years, I took the feast of St. John the Evangelist as my name day, but around the time of my silver jubilee, I recognized a kind of John-the-Baptist quality in my vocation, so I switched allegiances. Hence, today's Name Day observance.
I started the day in Atlanta, having arranged for an airport ride after Mass. Wouldn't you know, with it being a feast day and all, the Mass had a few extras. And they sang everything. Slowly. I ended up zipping out of Church right after Communion, with only the barest greeting and thanks to Fr. Fred (hi out there!) for the invitation to Corpus Christi Parish. Now I'm at Mom's house for some R&R. I hope to take advantage of the proximity to the Pauline community here to get Sr. Julia on videotape talking about books, so I can produce some more of her "Best Catholic Books" series. After the CNMC this weekend, I am pumped to make Best Catholic Books a genuine podcast... I wonder how many books Sr. Julia will have to talk about for me to get enough footage for that?

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Anonymous said...

So sorry I have been out of touch with the internet for several days. I missed reading your blog yesterday -- June 24th -- so I had no idea to wish you a happy name day. My given name is Joan but I am quite devoted to Joan of Arc, maid of Orleans. I hope you had a happy day yesterday and feel a bit more rested today after so many days of travel. Enjoy your time with your dear mother. I know she has been looking forward to this time with you all year. Blessings and peace to you both.