Monday, June 23, 2008

Hi from Atlanta

It's more than ironic that I came to Atlanta for a New Media Celebration, but have been unable to access the Internet for four days! I fully intend to rectify that situation now, with the help of the wireless connection at Corpus Christi Parish in Stone Mountain, home of blog commenter and fellow New Orleanian, Fr. Fred Sahuc, CMF. (I'll be giving a talk on St. Paul here tonight, and then heading to Mom's house tomorrow.)
I arrived in Atlanta on Friday so I could help Sr. Clare (from our Charleston community) with a book exhibit at the Eucharistic Congress (Friday and Saturday); turns out Sr. Tracey made the same arrangements, so it was a little FSP reunion there at the convention center! The Archdiocese has been holding a Eucharistic Congress every year, and it seems to be doing wonders for the life of the local Church. I was impressed at how diverse the Catholic community here is; it reminded me of Chicago. There is also a huge African population. Here in Stone Mountain there is a large Sudanese Catholic community, too. The Eucharistic Congress brought everyone together, some 20-30,000, all around the Eucharist. (Much better than a generic "celebrations of faith" with no real center, as if we were all about ourselves.) Then Sunday was the SQPN Catholic New Media Celebration. The three Pauline sisters were part of a crowd of hundreds interested in learning more about social networking, podcasting and other technologies available for the New Evangelization. The one phrase I heard the most yesterday, though, was "I think we're Facebook friends!" I met a number of people I follow on Twitter or whose blogs I read: Dr. Paul Camerata, Lisa Hendley, Fr. Jay (iPadre) Finelli... I did not actually meet, but at least I saw Jeff Miller (the CURT JESTER!!!) and Fr. Roderick. All people whose hearts are set on sharing the faith they live, and using great creativity in doing it. I picked up some good advice, and even got free Mystic Monk coffee (God is good).
Readers of this blog might also be interested in learning about a new Catholic social network, 4marks. I think it just launched a few weeks ago; I hadn't heard a breath about it until yesterday, but am looking into it right now.
Sr. Clare and I received warm hospitality with the Hawthorne Dominicans, the "Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer," who were founded by Nathaniel Hawthorne's daughter (a convert to Catholicism who then became a nun). We even met their Mother General, who was in town for a meeting. (Nothing like sharing pizza with Mother General on Sunday night.) These sisters have such a powerful mission in the culture of life: assisting people in the last months of their life. There are about a dozen patients in their lovely facility, and these people get the most loving end-of-life care. Except for one thing: when I'm dying, please don't wake me up at 7:00 for breakfast. Let's skip breakfast, okay?


Anonymous said...

Okay, no breakfast for a dying Sister Anne, but you won't turn down a cup of Starbuck's coffee slowly dripping from your iv bottle, would you.

Bego said...

I am enjoying a cup of Mystic Monk right now (I know it's late--I am a bit out of whack from exhaustion).

The CNMC was great, wasn't it?

tjw.atl said...


Thanks again for the presentation at Corpus Christi. I did put up a flyer at the Mercy Media Center, and will leave it up till I get a comment or tell a co-worker. Glad the microphone finally cooperated.
Susan and I rushed our goodbyes. Hope the Taize cd plays well.

The Eucharistic Congress and the New Media Celebration is still giving me energy. Met some good people this weekend. Renewed some ties. Good to meet you and Sr. Clare!

Say Hi to 2nd City for me -


Anonymous said...

Have had nothing but positive feedback for your presentation on Monday night! The people have been thanking me for bringing you here and I thank you both for your presence and presentation. We do need to address the wireless system and the blocking out of the sun to use our facility effectively...I will leave that to the new pastor and his staff, but down the road I may be able to convince St. Jude to come to our assistance...
Give my regards to Winifred...I will be in New Orleans in July visiting family and blessing new and rebuilt homes in Lakeview...
Then I will see you in Chicago! Thanks again for bringing St. Paul to visit us in Stone Mountain!
Father Fred, CMF