Friday, April 11, 2008

Eric from "Outside da Box" is coming over for coffee and conversation about video ministry. Sr. Helena and I are looking forward to meeting with him and seeing how outsidedabox and the Daughters of St. Paul might be able to collaborate. The possibilities are so enormous, it is almost intimidating! If you are involved in youth ministry in any capacity, Eric's non-profit can provide you with DVDs; they also have a clever membership program that is worth looking into.

Speaking of video ministry, I just learned that SQPN will be hosting a Catholic New Media gathering in Atlanta this June. I'd love to participate, but I'm not sure my community commitments will permit it. Still, I'm putting it in St. Paul's hands. He'd have to arrange several things: (a) time, (b) travel (not easy with the rising costs of airfare) and (c) accommodations! (Okay, Paul, let's see what you can do...)


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself accomodated...I am certain with our connections we can find you a safe and congenial place to stay...just let me know inclusive dates and the place of the gathering!
Father Fred, CMF

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this media gathering is tailor made for your many talents. I note that Fr. Fred has already taken care of one of your "obstacles". Put your trust in St. Paul and watch those straw men disappear one by one. Go for it, Sister.