Tuesday, March 25, 2008

God in the Garden

That great Gospel scene of Easter morning in the garden...with the risen Jesus being mistaken for a gardener (!); it's all a reminder of the Garden of Eden. The resurrection garden with its empty tomb is the Eden of the new Creation.
What struck me today, though, in reading the Gospel, was the realization that while Peter and John had been to the tomb and saw the wrappings, John "saw and believed" and then left. Mary Magdalen, however, had scene the open tomb and the angels inside--utterly spurning their attempt to engage her in conversation. But she stayed. And she is the one who had that private meeting with Jesus (aka, "the Gardener"), and it is she who was (the gospels are all very clear about it) given a message for the all the others.

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Anonymous said...

My vietnamese assistant pastor had it all figured out as to the reason we know that Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalen first. "He knew that she had a big mouth and would spread it everywhere."