Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Break

I know, it's "Spring" break (give me a break!)... Today I met a group of Capuchins from Wisconsin, on their Easter Break in Chicago. I was heading home after an unsuccessful visit to the Art Institute, where I had hoped to find the 15th century European gallery. I only had 15 minutes (they were closing for a special event which involved caterers and wine). The Franciscans, a group of eight or so (average age 26?), were heading to Millennium Park after what I presume was a more fruitful visit to the museum. Hopefully, they'll visit us on Saturday. By then I'll be en route to Texas (yee-ha!) for a meeting of our Pauline Evangelization team. I return April 3, on time for our Founder's birthday (April 4) and the big good-bye to one of our staff members, who will be leaving PBM and entering the religious life in Mexico.
Lots going on here.


Lisa said...

Wow! Sounds like a full week, but I hope it's also grace-filled.

Texas? Have you been there before? By the way, have their been any decisions as to the FSP future ministry there. Last I recall, some of the Sisters stayed to complete evangelization/book exhibit projects and the future was in discernment.

Hope you have a great time with the Pauline Evangelization Team!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, Sister. Do you suppose you will absorb enough rays to thaw out before your return to the windy city.