Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's startlingly nice out today. The sun is shining, and in the sun even the temperature isn't that painful. Some people hereabouts don't like it when the winter teases us by going a dozen or so degrees warmer and then shoots back down, but I don't mind it one little bit. I'll take any moment of moderation I can find!
Today I had planned to pick up my children's grief book project, but first I wanted to collect Paul quotes from the books piled (with everything else) on my desk. So I was going through them with the voice dictation software, making some real progress. In a moment of caution, I decided to save my work. And it was in the middle of saving it that the program crashed. I have never had success retrieving my work under those circumstances, so I'm doomed to start again. I guess I can offer that up for Lent!

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Anonymous said...

Have hope.Be of good cheer. Your work may be even better the second time around.