Sunday, January 06, 2008

Someone to Fill These Shoes

The several times I have been to Rome, I always manage a visit to the room and office of St. Ignatius Loyola. Those are his shoes.
Monday morning, 225 members of the Society of Jesus will meet at the Church of the Gesu' (where Ignatius' tomb can be found) to open their 35th "General Congregation." This is an extraordinary event in the life of the Order--even more so, since the first order of business is to elect a new Superior General while the current General is still living.
We owe it to the Jesuits and to the whole Church, to pray mightily for the guidance of the Holy Spirit during the weeks of this international gathering. Ignatius was a tiny man, but he left very big shoes to fill.

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Anonymous said...

There have been many S.J.'s over the past five centuries who have filled those little shoes to overflowing. Irma