Monday, January 07, 2008

I don't read blogs enough. Or I don't read enough blogs. At any rate, I keep missing really good stuff. But I guess I read blogs enough to find at least some of the good stuff I missed. I mean, good stuff like learning about the book by the survivor of the Dachau bunker reserved for priests (and seminarians). I found out about it a month or so after the book's release, from an entry in Karen's blog. That sent me looking for the book, which we have in our center. I also found out that Cardinal O'Malley of Boston (who wrote the foreword) has asked that all the priests in his Archdiocese read it. (Our sisters in the Dedham, MA, bookstore can't keep it on the shelves.) I really do believe that a renewal of the priesthood, and of the Church itself, can spring from the example we can get from reading about the heroic sufferings people endured in holding so tight to the grace of their vocation. (The interred priests weren't the only heroes of the bunker; laity and also some nuns ran a clandestine communications and black market system for the prisoners and their bishops and brethren outside.)

More good stuff: finding a picture of my sisters in Boston, who (for 30 years or more, now) sing for the Cardinal's Christmas morning TV Mass. (The picture was on Cardinal O'Malley's blog.)

There was more, but it's too late to go on.

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