Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nightfever in Cologne

Sr. Ancilla Christine, a Wisconsin farmgirl now in our Düsseldorf, Germany, community, writes about an experience she and the other sisters participate in every month in Cologne. It really is called "Nightfever" because it lasts from 6:00 pm until midnight. Here's the word from Germany:
It begins with Mass and then adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the sanctuary directly in front of the shrine with the remains of the three kings. A choir sings reflective songs (Taizé, etc.), and young people go out onto the plaza in front of the cathedral inviting the passersby to come in and light a candle: young and old of every faith and tradition. When they people come in they are guided to the place of adoration where they often stay for 10, 15, 30 minutes in a sort of awe-filled prayer. The young people who help run the evening are very love their faith and see it as an opportunity of evangelization. There are also priests hearing confessions during the ... It is unbelievable how many people come and how they are touched by the experience. I always think of Alberione's saying that humanity is like a river flowing.... That's what we witness when we are there.
I'm sure Sr. Christine and the others would appreciate a remembrance in your prayers. As she explains,
"The community here is made up of 5 sisters from 5 different countries"--all of them trying to communicate in German! (Sr. Christine has been in Germany for about three or four years.)

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Lisa said...

What a beautiful practice! How awesome that the young people go into the streets to invite people into to be wiht the Eucharistic Lord.