Thursday, January 31, 2008

God's Presence

Today's first reading shows us a King David, humbled by God's overwhelmingly generous promises. He "goes in" and "sits down before the Lord" (no doubt, in that tent he had planned to replace with a "house of cedar"). What was in the tent? Materially, not much. The center of attention was the Ark of the Covenant (there is it again!), with its "cherubim throne", a symbol of the abiding presence of God.
David didn't have access to the Eucharistic presence, but we do. It's an inviting presence, welcoming us "in" to "sit down before the Lord," whether our hearts are overwhelmed with grace or sorrow or needs.
Next week, I'm going to be giving a tiny talk, as will Fr. Antoine Thomas, on Eucharistic Adoration for children. This is one of those treasures of the Church that was lost from sight for a generation, but is gradually being rediscovered. I think it is important that it be rediscovered in a healthy way--not simply carried over into the present according to the way it may have been practiced fifty years ago (assuming our reconstruction of the devotions of fifty years ago are accurate!), but rediscovered in a way that brings in all the other rediscovered treasures of the Church, especially the centrality of the Word of God. Anyway, that's what the talk is about. It will be at St. Mary of the Angels, starting with 8:00 Mass, Feb. 9. For info:

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