Friday, January 11, 2008

Clearance Sales

We got a huge list of titles that are going out of print and being removed very quickly from inventory. They are currently on sale for 50% off. Since some of these are books I highly recommend, I am indicating some highlights here. Call your nearest Pauline bookstore to see if they have any left and order them before they are all gone. (If this were a TV ad, I'd say, "Don't wait! These books cannot be ordered at this price online!")

If you are a daily Mass person (or would like to be more connected to the life of the Church in its liturgy), I especially recommend the Weekday Missal with the very wonderful zipper cover. If I didn't already have a regular Weekday Missal, I'd certainly get this, for the sake of the zipper cover! You can store all kinds of holy cards and highlighters handily in that cover. It is going now for about $26--half the price of year's subscription to Magnificat. Plus that zippy leather cover.

For kids:
I regret that the Parables book I listed among the "Best Catholic Books for Kids" on my YouTube video is among the clearance titles. This book takes some of the principal Gospel parables and retells them in contemporary settings that really make the parable's message clear. The Gospel text is also included, and a reflection. It is laugh-out-loud funny, too.
"While You're Asleep" is a precious book for pre-school bedtime reading. It tucks the child in with gentle, lovely art, and the beautiful encouragement that God's providence remains active all night long.
"That's Me in Here" explains the development of the child in the womb, from the perspective of the child in the womb. I wish someone would buy up our entire stock (however many we have left) and have pro-life groups hand them out in front of abortion clinics, and give them to expectant parents in the pro-life clinics to encourage them. It's also a great book for parents to use in preparing small children for the arrival of a new baby.
We also have a great Bible story book for preschoolers (My Bible Friends), precious prayer books for tiny children on up to about eight years old, the "Halloween Alternatives" book I did years ago with party ideas for a "Holyween" event, a cute one called "When Mary was Little" on the childhood of the Blessed Virgin, and several very high quality music CDs with Scripture based songs for kids up to 5th grade.

In biographies (I would say especially good for teen readers, or for light reading, because these titles are mostly fictionalized renditions of the saints life), we have "The Other Toussaint" (Pierre), the "North American Martyrs," "Clare and Her Sisters," Pier-Giorgio Frassati, and the official biography of Bl. Pope John XXIII (not light reading!)

In spirituality, this is your last chance for "Fire of Love" (Therese' spirituality), and the "Poetry as Prayer" series, including Denise Levertov, Psalms, Hound of Heaven, and Gerard Manley Hopkins. And a number of Way of the Cross books and booklets, including one by Pope John Paul which I featured in the "Best Catholic Books: Stations of the Cross" video.

And, as they say in the infomercials, "That's not all!" but I'm not going to type up the entire list, which includes about 40 Church documents. You'll have to... CALL NOW TO GET THIS AMAZING OFFER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that my signature gift to all of the new mothers among family and friends, While You're Asleep, will no longer be available. Quel dommage.

Karen said...

Thanks for talking me into buying that parables book! And I bought "While You're Asleep," too.

I want the missal with the zippy cover, but I doubt there's a store around these parts.

I am way overdue with "thank you" notes to you -- coming soon. Not to mention the fact that your Christmas present is still sitting under my tree. Which, obviously, has not been taken down. We're a little behind here at Casa Hall/Walker.