Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vatican launches Perpetual Adoration movement

The Congregation for the Clergy issued a document on Dec. 8 calling on every diocese to inaugurate (to the extent possible) perpetual Eucharistic adoration, appointing a priest full time to this ministry. The idea is to renew the priesthood from the inside out: the special intention of this adoration is for the sanctification of the clergy, in reparation for failings and sins, and to implore new and holy priestly vocations. This is actually quite a development: perpetual adoration was generally the province of monasteries and participated in as a form of private devotion. As far as I know, it was never really institutionalized on an ecclesial level, except to the extent that societies of perpetual adoration were granted approval, indulgences and the like. For a dicastery of the Holy See to be issuing a universal call like this is quite remarkable.
As the author of a book of Eucharistic adoration for kids (and of two booklets for grownups which await publication), I hope to participate in some way here in Chicago with whatever might develop on an archdiocesan level. Meanwhile, this document is not just for priests: it is a call to all of us to put Jesus at the center of our attention in a dramatic and life-changing way. With the upcoming document on evangelization, we have a perfect coinciding of consecration and mission, and this in the Advent season! There is almost too much here to contemplate!
For the official documents from the Vatican, go to the clerus website. READ this in its entirety!!! Then do your best to find out what will be underway in your area, so you can participate, collaborate and foster it.


Candace said...

Thank you so much for calling attention to this inspiring document!

Anonymous said...

My parish church has a 24 7 Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. The most consoling place to be to let go and let God. harv